Healthcare Financing

Powerful Healthcare and Medical Financing for Your Practice

At [company_Name], we specialize in small business financing. But it doesn’t matter what field your business is in. Medical practices play an important role, delivering first-class care. We have healthcare financing for equipment, debt consolidation and much more.

Working Capital Loans

Fund temporal operations and critical needs with our working capital loans. We can approve up to $75,000 to qualified borrowers with a simple application. And if you need more, simply include full financial statements and apply for up to $250,000. These loans come with many awesome benefits:

  • Upfront payments not needed
  • Loan terms of up to 72 months
  • No reporting to personal credit
  • Funds available for many purposes

Debt Consolidation Loans

Multiple debts and monthly payments complicate your practice’s finances. Our debt consolidation loans simplify them with one low monthly payment. You get a single interest rate and upon approval, you’ll complete consolidation within one week.

Medical Equipment Financing

Diagnostic and treatment equipment is vital to delivering patient care. We offer both leases and loans to help you obtain these important technologies. You can choose from several payment options and get up to 50% coverage of your soft costs.

Practice Acquisition Financing

What’s your practice’s growth plan? Our practice acquisition financing can help you achieve mergers, acquire another practice or buy out an existing partner. Qualified professionals can receive 100% financing.

Want to learn more about our healthcare financing? Talk to our specialists today.