Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing for Your Small Business

Small businesses depend on relationships to become and remain successful. You work with suppliers to obtain finished goods or presold merchandise. And your customers depend on you for high-quality products and services. With rapid growth and limited cashflow, you still need to pay your suppliers. And that’s where Landline Financial Services’s purchase order financing can help. Producers, resellers, wholesalers and distributors can take advantage of this fast and flexible funding method.

How Purchase Order Loans Work

Purchase order loans work differently from most other kinds of financing. Instead of giving you directly, your financing company collaborates with your supplier and pays what’s needed for orders to ship. After your customers receive their goods, they pay the financing company directly. Once fees have been deducted, you get the remaining cash. This funding method is fast and simple, plus it offers some excellent benefits:

  • No additional long-term debt
  • No equity sacrifices
  • Making timely customer deliveries
  • Potential to grow your market share

Whether you deal in imports, exports or domestic production, our purchase order loans are an ideal solution.

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Purchase order financing can help keep your small business moving in the right direction. Landline Financial Services offers it plus a whole menu of other commercial finance solutions designed to help companies achieve their potential. Contact our specialists today to apply or get answers to your questions.