Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Use Flexible Financing To Grow Your Business

Every business needs access to financing to grow, but if the loans you apply for are designated for specific purposes, they may not do you much good. Flexible financing such as a stated income commercial real estate loan allows you to grow your business in a wide variety of ways instead of limiting your vision for the company. Landline Financial Services is proud to include stated income loans in our repertoire of commercial finance solutions.

What Is a Stated Income Loan?

A stated income loan is an avenue of financing that gives you complete control over how you spend the funds you receive. Stated income loans determine eligibility based on property value, so if your business owns real estate with a value that is greater than the cost of its expenses, it qualifies for this type of financing regardless of its credit history. Stated income loans are also approved more quickly than other types of financing because they require minimal paperwork.

How Is a Stated Income Loan Beneficial?

You may use the money from a stated income loan in any way that will benefit your business. The funds allow you to stock inventory, purchase equipment and consolidate debt as needed. Landline Financial Services extends the following benefits to borrowers with credit scores greater than 600.

  • 75% LTV for multi-use properties
  • 70% LTV for investment properties
  • 65% LTV for commercial properties
  • Large loan amounts of up to $500,000
  • Self-employment and W-2 documentation
  • Terms of up to 25 years with fixed rates
  • Flexibility to use the funds in any way that will improve your business

Get Started Today

The flexibility offered by a stated income loan can be a great tool for building a better business. Landline Financial Services is ready to customize a financial solution to meets your individual needs, so contact us today if you think a stated income loan is right for your business.